# Getting Started with Modality

Move through these guides to start using Modality:

1. How to Install Modality
For everyone
Follow this guide to install Modality's user-facing toolset. Generative testing, analysis, and troubleshooting, all in one tidy package.
2. How to Instrument Your System
For embedded engineers
Instrumenting Modality isn't much different than integrating any other embedded logging library. Follow this guide for Modality's powerful mutations and visibility.
3. How to Collect Session Data
For test engineers and devs
These are the steps to collect trace data from your system with Modality sessions.
4. How to Analyze a Session
For test engineers and devs
Learn about the behavior of your System Under Test (SUT) with this overview of analyzing a session with Modality's tools.
5. How to Inject a Mutation
For test engineers and devs
This guide shows how to alter your system state with Modality mutations.