Using Modality

Now that you've gotten started, these guides show how Modality can improve the way you approach several common scenarios.

How to Collect Session Data
These are the steps to collect trace data from your system with Modality sessions.
How to Analyze a Session
Learn about the behavior of your System Under Test (SUT) with this overview of analyzing a session with Modality's tools.
How to Inject a Mutation Pro
This guide shows how to alter your system state with Modality mutations.
How to Create an Objective Pro
Objectives let you combine many measurements and mutation conditions into a single entity for investigation and generative testing.
How to Run Generative Tests Pro
Generative Tests use objectives to alter and check your system under a vast variety of conditions.
How to Find Undiscovered Bugs Pro
Modality generative testing can create a vast number of distinct test conditions and run them on your system to find new bugs. Here's how to cut past the slow slogs of traditional test-writing.
How to Investigate the Cause of a Bug Pro
Modality queries let you progressively zoom from a newfound bug to a specific cause by uncovering the chains of events between bug behaviors and system-wide areas of risk.
How to Reproduce a Bug Pro
Modality generates a flood of different test cases and then runs them on your system to automatically reproduce the bug behavior you've described.
How to Validate System Requirements Pro
Modality lets you describe your system requirements as queries, and then automatically test those queries against recordings of your system in action.

Guides with the Pro badge below make use of features available in the Pro version of Modality.