# Using Modality

Now that you've gotten started, these guides show how to use Modality's showcase power:

How to Find Undiscovered Bugs
Modality generative testing can create a vast number of distinct test conditions and run them on your system to find new bugs. Here's how to cut past the slow slogs of traditional test-writing.
How to Investigate the Cause of a Bug
Modality queries let you progressively zoom from a newfound bug to a specific cause by uncovering the chains of events between bug behaviors and system-wide areas of risk.
How to Reproduce a Bug
Modality generates a flood of different test cases and then runs them on your system to automatically reproduce the bug behavior you've described.
How to Analyze a Session
Learn about the behavior of your System Under Test (SUT) with this overview of Modality's functionality for analyzing a session.
How to Design, Run, and Analyze Experiments
At its core, Modality is a tool for automated experimentation. These are the steps to run experiments that can test vastly more combinations of parameters than would otherwise be possible.