modality-reflector Reference

This is the reference for modality-reflector, the command for collecting data to Modality's database. It uses a subcommand structure. For data analysis, see the modality reference.

modality-reflector runs a reflector process in one of two modes. The import subcommand runs a single data import operation, generally from one or more files, that is expected to process all the given data and then complete. The run subcommand starts a potentially long-running data collection process which expects to receive data indefinitely, generally from a running system.

Reflectors use an extensibility model based on plugins. Plugins are datasource-specific binaries that know how to translate from a given tracing technology to Modality's data format. The list of currently available plugins can be found here. Plugin binaries must be placed in the appropriate subdirectory of the plugins-dir specified in the reflector's configuration.

# Options

All modality-reflector commands have the following option:

-h, --help - Print help information. Use --help for more details.

# Subcommands