modality-probe header-gen

Command: modality-probe header-gen <component path>

Generate header files with event and probe ID constants from component definition files. The component definition files are created by scanning your code for instrumentation points with the manifest-gen command. Generated header files then need to be included in your source so that probe and event names get their numeric definitions.

# Example

$ modality-probe header-gen --lang c --output-path src/include/component_definitions.h src/test-component
Generated definitions for component test-component in src/include/component-definitions.h

# Options

<component path> - Path to the component definition files.

--include-guard-prefix <include-guard-prefix> - C header include guard prefix. Defaults to MODALITY_PROBE.

-l, --lang <lang> - Language to output the source in, either c or rust. Defaults to c.

-o, --output-path <output-path> - Write output to file instead of stdout.

--rust-u32-types - When generating Rust definitions, use bare u32 types instead of ProbeId/EventId types.