modality-probe mutator-gen

Command: modality-probe mutator-gen <source path>

Generate mutator implementations and definition files from instrumentation macro invocations found in the provided source tree.

# Example

$ modality-probe mutator-gen \
> --file-extension c \
> --definitions-output-path src/test-component/mutators \
> --header-output-path src/include \
> --output-path src/mutators \
> src

# Options

<source path> - Path to a directory containing files with mutator macro invocations. Modality will scan the entire source tree below this directory.

--definitions-output-path <definitions-output-path> - Output path where generated mutator definition files are placed. Defaults to mutators.

--exclude <exclude-patterns>... - Exclude files that match the given pattern(s).

--file-extension <file-extensions>... - Limit the source code searching to files with matching extensions.

--header-output-path <header-output-path> - Output header files to this directory instead of alongside the source files in output-path.

-o, --output-path <output-path> - Output path where generated source code files are placed. Defaults to ..