deviant CLI

This is a list of the environment variables used the deviant command line interface. Variables marked common are also used by the modality and conform CLIs.

  • MODALITY_CLIENT_TIMEOUT: common How long to wait, in seconds, for a response from the modalityd backend. Defaults to 30.

  • MODALITY_CONTEXT_DIR: common The directory where Modality CLI settings are stored, including the active workspace and segment. If not given, defaults to ~/.config/modality_cli.

  • MODALITY_AUTH_TOKEN: common The authentication token to use for requests to the modalityd backend. If not given, the auth token is automatically read from the context dir, ~/.config/modality_cli/.user_auth_token by default.

  • MODALITY_URL: common The URL to use when connecting to the modalityd backend. The supported formats are the same as the URL field of the modalityd Configuration File (opens new window).

  • DEVIANT_CONFIG: The path to a configuration file for the modality CLI. Values read in this file take precendnce over those read from other locations: first deviant.toml in the current directory, then ~/.config/deviant.toml.

    The file format is the same as the modality CLI Configuration File Format (opens new window). If Deviant-specific configuration is not provided, values are read from the Modality configuration file (this is the recommended configuration).