modality-reflector config

Command: modality-reflector config

Shows the modality-reflector configuration from the currently active configuration file, or from the file passed with the --config option. This command is generally used to see what configuration would be active if you were to call the import or run commands.

# Configuration File Locations

Each time you run a command modality-reflector will look for a configuration file in the following locations. They are listed in descending order of precedence, i.e. number 1 takes precedence over numbers 2-4. modality-reflector will not merge config files, it simply uses the highest-precedence config file.

  1. Passed with the --config option.
  2. Set in the MODALITY_REFLECTOR_CONFIG environment variable.
  3. In user config directory, i.e. ~/.config/modality-reflector/config.toml.
  4. In /etc/modality-reflector/config.toml.

# Example

$ modality-reflector config
# Modality Reflector Configuration
#     from file /etc/modality-reflector/config.toml
plugins-dir = '/usr/lib/modality-reflector-plugins'

# Options

--config <configuration file> - Print configuration from the given file.