Platforms Reference

This is the reference for Modality's platform-specific integrations. Most of the integrations below are plugins to extend reflector capabilities. The integration, however, is a rust library that directly converts trace statements to modalityd's data format, so it can be pointed at a reflector or directly at modalityd.

Plugins are platform- or data source-specific binaries that know how to translate from a given tracing technology to Modality's data format. Plugin binaries must be placed in the appropriate subdirectory (collectors or importers) of the plugins-dir specified in the reflector's configuration. If you installed the debian package the currently available plugins will have been installed to /usr/lib/modality-reflector-plugins/ for you. Plugins all have their own set of configuration which is passed through the reflector configuration file.

For details on a specific platform integration see the relevant page linked below. To learn more about how to run a reflector, see the modality-reflector CLI reference.

# Plugins

# Other