OpenTelemetry Collector

Modality's OpenTelemetry (opens new window) collector plugin enables you to collect Open Telemetry trace data from running systems. It implements the Open Telemetry OTLP (opens new window) wire protocol.

# Reference

The plugin repository (opens new window) is the definitive reference for concepts and usage. Its README explains how concepts map from Open Telemetry to Modality and what configuration options are available.


When adding plugin configuration to a reflector configuration file, remember that individual plugin configuration goes in a table according to that plugin's type and name, as described here. Thus, configuration for this plugin should go in [plugins.ingest.collectors.otel.metadata].

# OpenTelemetry Integration

OpenTelemetry is an open source framework for generating and collecting telemetry data from a variety of systems. For more information about using Open Telemetry to collect data you can refer to the documentation (opens new window).