License key

If you haven't already, request a license key for Modality. (opens new window) Auxon will email you a Modality license key.

# Ubuntu/Debian

To get started, download Modality for Ubuntu/Debian (opens new window) and install the apt repository setup package.

sudo apt install ./auxon.deb && sudo apt update

See the installation pages for the available packages.

# Tarball

Tarball contents

The tarball contains Modality's modalityd daemon, the Modality CLI, data collection plugins, the modality-reflector data collection CLI, and more. The file structure is as follows:

├── bin
│   ├── conform
│   ├── modality
│   ├── modalityd
│   └── modality-reflector
├── completions
├── man1
├── modality-reflector-config.toml
├── modality-reflector-plugins
│   ├── collectors
│   └── importers

Extract the downloaded tarball and add the bin directory to your PATH environment variable.

tar xf modality_$VERSION.$ARCH.tar.gz
export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/modality_$VERSION/bin

# Initial User Creation

After installing Modality, the next thing to do is create the admin user. This user will have the ability to create and manager additional users and auth tokens. The actual user name is arbitrary.

modality user create admin

Auth token

The current user's auth token can be found in ~/.config/modality_cli/user_auth_token

# Next steps