Command Line Client Reference

# modality

modality is the main command for interacting with Modality. It uses a subcommand structure.

The Modality CLI manages a context about the default session via modality session use and the default SUT via modality sut use. When these are set, many subcommands and region expressions will automatically target these defaults.

# modality-probe

modality-probe is the command for Modality's instrumentation-based manifest and code generation tools. Since Modality is designed to be used in resource-constrained situations, modality-probe's subcommands extract rich metadata from your instrumentation and save it for use in the CLI while keeping it out of your binary.

# Region Expressions

Region expressions are used in a variety of commands to designate what part of recorded execution the command should be evaluated against. See the region expressions guide for details.

# Options

All modality and modality-probe commands have the following option:

-h, --help - Print help information. Use --help for more details.